JAVO Spot V2
Multi Purpose Directory WordPress Theme
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NOTE : Some of demos contained addons for advanced features. (not listed wc pluings here)
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What Page Builder are supported by Directory V4?
The Page Builders help you build a website easiler these days. Directory V4 currently supports Elementor. Elementor Page builders are great for novice users to customize their own sites with drag-and-drop ease.

Builder Javo Widgets

Advantages of Elementor Page Builder

Easy template change
Template import Features
We have many demos and provide you with a complete demo site template. You can easily customize the template you want by inserting it from page, listing, post, etc..
Save your time
Copy & Paste Features
You can copy & paste the desired columns, sections, widgets, and templates. This featured greatly shortens your customization time. This feature allows you to copy and paste between pages of different pages, listings, posts, etc .. within the same site. ex) page a copy -> page b paste
Amazing Listing Features!
Listing submit page & form Customization
The User can create the listing submit page directly using the elementor page builder. And easily design a submit form to fit listing submit page&form.
listing detail page
Layout settings and customization for each or all listings with page builder.
You can use multiple listing detail page templates, and you can use different templates for each listing.
You can change or add the content position of listings. The listing detail page can also be set globally.
More taxonomies Features
You can simply add more listing categories and use them as search filters.
And set the featured image, icon, slug, etc .. in the added taxonomies.
Listing Header Group
You can show featured image, category image, gallery, map, video, and 3d view in the listing header. You have the option to set which image or video to display first, and you can use the swich button to see the image or video you want to see.
Save & Bookmark
Save the list and bookmark it. Easily manage the list of listings you bookmarked in your dashboard.
3D Viewer
Our theme can show 3d view in the listing. You can use 3d view as your listing detail page header if you wish.
You can set 3d view from front-end and back-end.
Show the video set in each listing in the listing detail page header, and if you want, you can customize the listing template to add the video to your desired location.
You can set 3d view from front-end and back-end.
Frequently asked questions about each listing can be pre-populated and presented to visitors. This allows you to save time for the listing author to answer questions.
You can set 3d view from front-end and back-end.
Review of our themes has a powerful customization feature. Basically, it supports Review template, and if you want, you can easily modify and change the design with the page builder. And when you write a review and submit, you have the option to automatically pending or publishing it.
Amazing Map Features!
Search form
Drag and drop to create the search form you want. You can use the page builder simply by adding a search form.
You can also use the built-in more taxonomies addon to create additional filters.
Naturally, you can also set font, layout, and color.
You can create your own search form only with Page Builder, without changing the file or code.
Add block to desired position and use desired module.
You can add and configure your own Blocks with just a few clicks.
It is also easy to change the module of a block.
Create your own modules without hard coding.
You can easily create your own modules by drag & drop, or you can modify the default module template provided by the theme.
Map page
Create and customize your map page as you like.
You can add a map to the location you want, or you can subtract the map if you do not want to.
You can add only the filter you want, or you can easily delete it.
And the map / list toggle button allows you to easily change the map and list on your mobile so that you can see the options.
Advanced filtering system
Customization can be done easily by adding desired filters. You can add required filters and delete unused filters. This feature is available on all pages.
archive listing page
Create your own archive page.

You can customize, add, or change the layout of the archive listing page yourself.
This is easily done with the Page builder and you can easily add the widget you want.
Near Me(GEO) Location
You can filter near by listings from the location you searched for or from your current location using the near me option.
Updated powerful theme features!
Demo Install wizard
The install wizard feature makes it quick and easy to install the demo. It automatically installs the necessary plugins required for the theme, and you can see that the demo has been installed on your site in 5 minutes.
Create your own header with Builder

You can make the header you want quickly and easily as a page builder. You can easily set up a responder as long as you create the option or buttons you want.
Friendly User Dashboard Interface
Your customers do not need to access the WordPress back-end dashboard.

They can easily manage everything on the member page. And we have integrated buddypress functionality in the user dashboard. You can use a more powerful user dashboard than before.
Create your own footer with Builder

As with headers, you can quickly and easily make the footer you want a page builder.
You can easily set up a responder as long as you create the option or buttons you want.
login / sign-up
No addons, plugins required! Your own custom module as a page builder.

You can customize the default login / sign-up form provided by the theme, or you can create your own login module.
You can customize or create it with only the theme own features, without the need for additional addons.
front-end post submit page
You can create a post in the front-end.

In V3, we have created a post submit page with many clients' requests. Now you can easily create a post submit page using short code.
post page
Customize all post layouts quickly and easily

It is easy to change or add tmplate of all post pages.
You can configure your own post detail page layout with global settings.
canvas menu
A versatile canvas option available for your purpose.

You can easily set up a useful canvas menu on your mobile.
It can also be used on desktop, so you can put search form depending on what you use.
You can add the option you want and change it according to usage purpose.
How can you earn money with Directory V4?
Paid Listings
This is big money marker of a Listing Directory website. Listing owners will pay to get theirs places listed on your site. Directory V4 is compatible with woocommerce and supports various packages through payment addon.
How can you earn money with Directory V4?

No, we provide all the templates in the demo site.
If you want, you can modify the template we provide and modify it to your own design.

Yes, we have received a lot of custom support requests from our users with a lot of support. However, as indicated in our support policy, customization issues are not supported.
So, we made a lot of efforts to make the theme users easy and quick to customize this update. You can modify more than 90% of themes with only the page builder.

Cool addons with Directory V4
Working hour
More taxonomies
3D Viewer
WC Vendor
Working Hour
You can use an open hour for each listing and you can set it simple.
More taxonomies
Simply add the listing category you want and use the category you created in the search form.
You can use the feature to show the video in the listings header, and you can import videos from each portal site.
3D Viewer
You can use 3d viewer by simply adding source. And how to use it is provided on our doc site.
You can set FAQs on each listing and easily add them.
The user on the site can record favorites and manage the list of favorites listings on their dashboard page.
You can create or delete review items and set review pending or approve settings to prevent spam attacks.
WC vendor (connector)
This plugin is for “Woocommerce product vendor” which your users can create products to upload and sell. you can setup commission.
WC Booking (Connector)
This plugin is for “Woocommerce product vendor” which your users can create products to upload and sell. you can setup commission.
You can create or delete review items and set review pending or approve settings to prevent spam attacks.
Users can set up a claim to the listing which they have not made. The admin can verify the claim request and then approve it. Then, the author of the listing will be changed.
Description of V4 update for V3 users